Tobbie The Robot

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Tobbie The Robot is on a mission – to take over the world!

Robots shouldn't be our mechanical slaves, they should be our friends, and that's exactly what Tobbie will be to you. This smart little robot has two different modes which allow him to either follow you or find his own way around. In "Follow Me" mode, Tobbie uses motion sensors to follow anything that moves. In "Explore" mode , Tobbie will find his own way around, making sure that he doesn't crash into any walls or objects. Give him a maze or a puzzle, he will solve it.

Tobbie The Robot is a kit to build yourself – just slot the pieces together. You will need a simple screwdriver and pliers and 4 AAA batteries to make him work (not included). Once built, he will scuttle around the room and is completely adorable with his own emotions and gestures – a new best friend. For children who love to code and create sequences, Tobbie is a dream – just what can you make him do?

We love the simplicity of the build and the quality of the end product – a great robot for the home.