8.5" Mova Globe Antique Cassini Terrestrial White Globe - The World's Most Advanced Globe

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History enthusiasts will love this globe's authentic antique world map from 1790 in crisp white and green colours. 

The Antique Terrestrial White globe combines a vintage map created in 1790 with modern updates that make it unlike any globe you've had before. Every continent and ocean is shown with absolute clarity and contrast, and it features lines showing the three voyages of Captain James Cook–a design element first created in 1790 by Giovanni Maria Cassini. The map also shows the United States which was very young at the time and not included on many maps. With its smooth, independent rotations, it's like history comes to life in your home or office.
2015 Luxury Gift of the Year Award Winner
Antique map from 1790
Features latitude and longitude lines
A red ecliptic line is also present, showing the sun's position each day of the year.
Note there is no Antarctica because James Cook didn't believe it existed.
Turns using ambient light
Hidden magnets provide movement
No cords or batteries
The Globe comes a clear three pronged acrylic stand 

**1 years warranty**

How They’re Made: Assembled by hand using the most premium materials, including finely polished polymer resin hemisphere shells and a careful mixture of non-toxic fluids to allow the globes to rotate freely.

Inner Workings: A sophisticated motion mechanism, powered by ambient light, rests discreetly inside each globe. Consisting of solar cells, magnetic elements and other proprietary components, the mechanism drives the continuous rotation without any batteries or power cords.

Graphics: The graphics are carefully designed for spherical objects, maintaining aspect ratios and composition while also taking into account how movement will ultimately enhance the designs.

Printing: Patented printing technique allows the graphics to be transparent enough to let light permeate the globe but also opaque enough to conceal the inner workings. Precise colour combinations and speciality inks are used to ensure an impeccable finished print.

Assembly: Each Mova Globe is meticulously assembled by hand to ensure that a high-quality, well-engineered masterpiece reaches the hands of customers. After printing and forming the shells, the motion mechanism is placed inside and the two hemispheres are joined together and checked for accuracy and alignment. Once the outer shell, or cube, is assembled around the inner globe, our patented liquid fills the space to allow for frictionless movement. The finished product is then polished to perfection and packaged.