How does a Mova Globe work?

How does a Mova Globe work?

Our best-selling Mova Globes are at the forefront of innovative technology. Here at Seaton Gifts, we stock a vast range of globes of all sizes, shapes and colours. These mesmerising centrepieces rotate to mimic the earth’s motion, with no need for power or batteries. But how does a Mova Globe work? We’re here to give you insights into the first of its kind technology and the magical mechanics of Mova Globes that are, quite simply, out of this world.     

Magical materials
From our smaller 4.5-inch Antique Cassini to the larger 8.5-inch Satellite Cloud Cover, each globe consists of a carefully selected inner and outer shell. The outer shell is created using premium quality polymer resin, which is hand-picked and polished to perfection, and the inner shell carries the graphics. Between the two shells is an almost imperceptible thin layer of fluid which is key to the inner globe's ability to awaken in light, levitate freely, and turn continuously without ever touching the outer shell. The optical parameters of the micro-volume fluid, and the distance between the two spheres, are precisely designed to project the turning graphics of the inner globe onto the stationary outer shell, providing the illusion of a single globe turning on the stand and defying the laws of physics. Holding the globe in your hands whilst it spins is quite an experience!

Ambient lighting
Inside each of our Mova Globes lies a fascinating feature: cutting edge solar power technology. Advanced solar cells provide energy to drive the rotation. When light passes through the outer shell, these cells activate, and the Mova Globe comes to life! This incredible solar technology allows the globes to operate in any ambient lighting. Whether placed in indirect sunlight, florescent lighting, or LED lights, the globe will spin alone using only natural power.

Powered by the earth’s magnetism
The inner globe contains a precise mechanism made of solar cells and magnets. Solar cells provide power when light passes through, while the magnets react with the Earth’s magnetic field to keep the globe in uninterrupted motion. This combination of ambient light and magnets means that no batteries, cords or power sources are needed! The spinning motion creates a feeling of serenity and beauty, bringing a tranquil point of focus to any room.

It's all in the details
The inner workings of our Mova Globes are only the beginning. The graphics on the outer shell are carefully designed with its delicate spherical structure in mind, maintaining ratios, composition, and precise geographical location. Our Blue Relief Globe features striking longitude and latitude lines and vibrant graphics to show the earth’s magnificent details. Meanwhile, our Mova Moon features exclusive graphics from NASA to create an exceptional level of realism.

And a little bit of magic!  
With the spellbinding forces of magnetism and light, Mova Globes truly are a magical masterpiece. The two elements work in unison to power the whisper-quiet mechanism, adding an enchanting touch to your space. Here at Seaton Gifts, we have a vast range of designs of globes to suit every need.

For a gift that will leave your guests mesmerised, browse our range of spectacular Mova Globes today. For more information about the workings of our globes, or advice choosing the perfect design for you, get in touch using our online enquiry form, or call us on 07899 922415. We would love to hear from you!