A Mova Globe for Every Room in Your Home

A Mova Globe for Every Room in Your Home

Do you ever find yourself looking at a blank wall or empty corner in your home and wondering whether it needs a little something to give it that ‘WOW’ factor? If this is you, you’ve come to the right place.

Our stunning and handcrafted Mova Globes are the perfect solution. Rotating on their own using the earth’s magnetic field and ambient lighting, Mova Globes make a mesmerizing addition to your home. Whether it’s your kitchen or your office that needs some love, we’re here to help you choose the perfect globe to add a touch of magic to your space.

The Kitchen: Taste the World


The kitchen is the heart of your home, where you experiment with flavours and taste new things. Placing a Mova Globe on your kitchen island or countertop is a unique way to spark conversations about different cultures and cuisines. Our 4.5’’ Blue Relief Gloss Finish Globe offers a breathtaking view of the world with sharp, bright graphics - the perfect talking point for your kitchen whilst you prepare delicious meals.

 The Living Room: Entertainment means Elegance

There’s no better place suited for relaxation, entertainment and leisure than the living room. A Mova Globe makes a timeless addition, creating a relaxing atmosphere with its soothing rotational movement. Opt for a classic design that complements the décor of your cosy space. We think our 6” White Antique Cassini Globe looks stunning and classy with its versatile neutral tones.

The Dining Room: Eating under the Stars

If you’re looking to create the most magical dining experience in your very own home, consider adding our exquisite 4.5” Moon Globe into your space. This very special globe uses images taken from NASA’s satellites, displaying our moon in exceptional detail. Adding this to your dining room not only gives you a talking point at dinner parties but also provides an enchanting backdrop to romantic meals for two.

The Bedroom: Dream of Far-Off Places

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a place to unwind and dream. Adding a Mova Globe to this deeply personal space allows you to dream of places and lands far away. For a sense of serenity and calm, there’s no better choice than our tranquil 6” Earth at Night Globe. This globe mimics the Earth by silently rotating and showcasing the Earth’s quiet beauty at night through over 400 satellite images.

The Study: Inspire Curiosity

With so many of us working from home, creating a homely and productive atmosphere in your study is more important than ever. Whether its a vintage map design or astrology, we think you should opt for a globe that aligns with your passions for this room. Our 4.5” Blue Political Globe looks striking on a desk, showing an educational display of the Earth’s landmasses and water. Each magical turn of the globe will become a source of daily inspiration.    

The Child’s Bedroom: Ignite Curiosity

Placing one of our incredible Globes in a child’s bedroom is a delightful way to inspire early curiosity for the world. We think the soft colours of our 6” Sky Blue and White Globe would look stunning. This Globe’s soft hues and clear maps provide an engaging talking point, turning bedtime into a wonderful ritual of finding countries and naming places.


It’s the little details in your home that make a big difference. Mova Globes breathe life into your living space, providing stunning visual appeal and educational value. Whether you’re looking to ignite a sense of wanderlust, inspire your child’s curiosity or simply add a touch of elegance, there’s a Mova Globe for every room.

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