5 Things to Know about Vincent Van Gogh

5 Things to Know about Vincent Van Gogh

Here at Seaton Gifts, we’re always on the lookout for gifts that showcase incredible artwork. We recently added the iconic Van Gogh Mova Globes to our collection, and these globes truly stand out from the rest. You can read more about them at the bottom of this blog!

Van Gogh, the Dutch post-impressionist painter, is one of the most famous and influential figures in Western art history. But how much do you really know about him? We’re here to share some facts you might not know about this legendary artist. We’ve also got a suggestion for a fantastic Van-Gogh-themed day out that you can enjoy with your family this summer.

He produced nearly 900 Paintings in 10 Years

Van Gogh was only 37 years old when he died, and at this point, he had only sold one painting! Up until the age of 27, Van Gogh had tried many different professions including a teacher and a lay minister. At 27, he had a career change and started painting. Over the next 10 years, he produced a huge body of around 900 paintings, including the iconic ‘Starry Night’ and ‘Irises’.

Van Gogh Lived with Mental Illness

It’s widely documented that Van Gogh lived with mental illness throughout his life. Some of his symptoms are mentioned to have included hallucinations, seizures and depression. Some modern-day psychiatrists have since tried to diagnose his illness from these symptoms, suggesting he may have had schizophrenia, bipolar or syphilis.

Van Gogh’s nickname was 'the Redheaded Madman' 

Due to his poor mental health, Van Gogh often spent time in and out of hospital. As his hallucinations and delusions got more severe over the years, he attracted negative attention from his neighbours. Scared of his unpredictable behaviour, they began to call him ‘Le Fou Roux’, or ‘The Red-Headed Madman’.

‘Starry Night’ was Completed in the Asylum

Not long after the famous incident in which Van Gogh cut his ear; he allegedly took it upon himself to check into a mental asylum. It was in this setting that he completed the famous ‘Starry Night’ piece, as showcased on our exclusive Mova Globe. In the piece, as he could see out his window, Van Gogh presents his view of many different days and nights, showing the sunrise, moon and different weathers.

The Van Gogh Immersive Experience

Although Van Gogh died over 100 years ago, there are still incredible and unique ways to experience his artwork today. In over 80 cities across the country, you can visit the Van Gogh Immersive Experience with your family this summer. This is a 360-degree visual and audio experience that you can walk around.

It transforms the room into a dynamic and engaging art exhibition, accompanied by an incredible soundtrack and spoken quotes from Van Gogh himself. The exhibition lasts around 45 minutes, but you can stay for longer if you like! Head to the website to find your nearest exhibition!

Van Gogh Mova Globes

Our two Van Gogh Mova Globes make stunning additions to our collection. You can choose from either the Irises Globe, or the Starry Night Globe. With the Starry Night Globe, you’ll instantly recognise the sweeping brush strokes and vibrant stars.

As the Globe rotates, you’ll see a sea of flowers stretching across it and see the detail of this painting from a whole new perspective. Adding Van Gogh’s artwork to a Mova Globe adds a new level of depth, turning a classic art piece into a stunning modern centrepiece for your home.

To learn more about our Mova Globes, browse the entire collection here. We’ve also got a handy blog that explains exactly how Mova Globes work. For more information about any of our wonderful gifts, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be more then happy to help.